LOOK: Snake being eaten alive freaks out, hungry frog gives zero f*cks

October 18th, 2017
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A perfectly timed photo shows how badass nature is as a snake makes a last ditch effort saving itself while being gobbled by a frog.

The photo, posted on Reddit two days ago, was labeled “One Last Scream Into the Abysssss.” It shows a snake being eaten alive by a frog, peeping out from the amphibian’s throat mid-gulp.

People mentioned the image is actually a couple of years old, purportedly taken in Australia. It’s unclear whether it was taken in captivity or in the wild. Conservation biologist Jodi Rowley identified it on Twitter as an Australian green tree frog, found all over Australia and New Guinea.

While the Australian green tree frog’s diet is comprised mainly of insects, it has been known to prey on mice and other frogs. Essentially—anything that fits inside its maw.

Most amphibians, reptiles, and fish swallow their food whole. Since snakes have long, thin bodies, it may have posed a challenge for the frog to swallow it in one go.

While many species of frogs have been caught dining on snakes many times their size, it’s hard to say whether this is a common occurrence or not.

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