This guy recreated that iconic “A Walk To Remember” scene for his girlfriend

October 10th, 2017
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If you’ve seen the romantic drama film “A Walk To Remember,” you’d definitely remember that scene where Landon (Shane West) named a star after Jamie (Mandy Moore). But who would’ve thought that some people are actually recreating this scene in real life?

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A guy’s special gift for his beloved girlfriend sparked online frenzy and envy among netizens who wished someone who would do the same thing for them. Hannah Chiong shared on Twitter that her boyfriend gave her the “best gift” — a star named after her.

Best gift ever from this guy! You're the best! I love you! ❤️

— HannahGrazhel Chiong (@Iamhannahchiong) October 8, 2017

Her boyfriend, Ronnie Sta. Teresa, surprised her with a framed certificate of a star named “Grazhel,” her second name with a dedication saying: “This star will always shine for you and will lead the way to my heart.”

Many were touched by the sweet gesture and told Hannah that she’s lucky to have “two stars” — her boyfriend being her other shinning star.

my god, this is the sweetest thing ever 😭

— 🌙 (@leahgrundon) October 9, 2017

Isn't it sweet and creative? I did it for my partner @ooddiicckk few years ago

— JM P. Martinez (@JMReiner) October 9, 2017

Lucky ka talaga atigurl kasi dalwang star ang meron ka si bf yung isa. Hehe.😊 Naalala ko yung movie na A Walk To Remember.😩😢💙

— Hazy🎀 (@HazeDolan) October 10, 2017

There will also be that one person who doesn’t believe in “forever.”

Hihigupin din yan ng black hole after all.

— Jann (@jannbanguis) October 9, 2017

Some tried to be creative and named an authentic (and FDA approved) “star” after themselves too.

Bumili din po ako. Kaso walang certificate. Legit po ba 'to? Xyra po name ng gf ko.

— Kyahpimbaryah (@iammrkchrstphr) October 9, 2017

Legit po yan! FDA approved pa! Hahaha

— HannahGrazhel Chiong (@Iamhannahchiong) October 9, 2017

Others, however, pointed out that though naming a star may seem a romantic gesture for some, it’s not real. According to the International Astronomical Union (IAU), a star cannot be officially bought or named.

— Xavier Tubianosa (@arachnosexual) October 9, 2017

Hannah told InqPOP! that she knew that the star isn’t officially named after her. But for her, it’s always the thought that counts.

“I think a lot of people misunderstood my post, I didn’t expect that it would go viral. He didn’t actually buy a star for me (it is impossible) haha. He named a star after me so that I could cross out one item off my bucket list. I’m not literally claiming the star (again, it is impossible).”

According to Hannah, her boyfriend did it so she could cross one item off her bucket list and to make her feel special. For her, the thought of receiving a star named after her from her boyfriend shows just how much he truly cherishes her.

“…It doesn’t matter if the star is real or not, it’s the time and energy he used to do all this just to get this for me, all to show me how much he loves me. [At] the end of the day it’s not the material things that matter–it’s what you choose to do, it’s the energy that drives you to go beyond, it’s the effort, and he did a pretty good job at doing it. So whether the star is real or not, it doesn’t matter, but I believe his love is real enough.”

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