Kim Woo-bin reveals he’s been diagnosed with cancer — breaks fans’ hearts

May 26th, 2017

When you think you have enough bad news from the internet… here comes another one!

kim woo-bin, k-drama, cancer, k-pop


South Korean actor, Kim Woo-bin has been recently diagnosed with nasopharyngeal carcinoma or nasopharynx cancer.

kim woo-bin, k-drama, cancer, k-pop


The nasopharynx cancer is a rare type of head and neck disease located on the upper part of a person’s throat just behind the nose. It is most common among males living in certain regions of East Asia and Africa.

The actor was unaware that he has cancer until he went to the hospital for a check up. Apparently, he’s been experiencing unusual symptoms in his body — only to find out it’s because he has cancer.

After the news was released, his fans from all over the world were devastated:

kim woo bin being diagnosed woth cancer please don't make him like shin joon young


— ㅤ (@surrealitea) May 24, 2017

We can definitely hear many hearts breaking right now!

Fortunately, the disease is only at its early stages so it is treatable. Kim Woo-bin is currently undergoing radiation treatment for it. All his work schedules had been indefinitely put on hold so he can focus on getting better.

And his fans cannot help but send their support, prayers, and love to the actor:

Get well soon, oppa!

kim woo-bin, k-drama, cancer, k-pop


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