This twinning gecko and his toy is all you need to see today

May 19th, 2017

Who knew geckos could be this cute and happy?

Cute animal videos, pictures, and memes probably take most of our time while we’re logged in on our social media accounts. When we’re feeling stressed and exhausted from everything that is happening in the world, or when we’re having a rough day, we rely on them to make us feel a little bit better.

So if you’re feeling stressed today, here’s a treat for ya!

Meet Kohaku, a leopard gecko who won the hearts of many on Twitter after “full time animal mom” Taylor Nicole Dean shared pictures of him and his plastic gecko toy.

Look how happy this gecko is with his little gecko toy

— Taylor Nicole Dean (@taylorndean) May 17, 2017


Just look how happy he looks with his toy! They’re totally inseparable and they’re always “twinning”!


BFF goals, indeed!


People who don’t like reptiles such as geckos for a pet would probably have a change of heart especially if it’s this cute:


Yup, he’s like, smiling ALL THE TIME.


And he knows how to win you over with a wink too!


Thank you for blessing us with your cuteness, Kohaku!


*squeals then cries out of happiness*

via Tumblr

via Tumblr

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