What your fried chicken meal says about you

July 18th, 2016

The fried chicken meal has become a staple for the Filipino. It’s a good source of protein, not to mention a good source of the noms with its crunchy, salty skin and juicy meat. (Seriously salivating as I type this.) No other dish could spur a passive-aggressive scuffle between two fast food giants over a tongue-in-cheek reference to a signature dish. No other dish would also give rise to #ChickenSad, when a shortage of the nation’s beloved dish caused widespread frustration and a trending hashtag.


We here at InqPOP will help you pick your fried chicken meal for the day and tell you a little something something about yourself in the process 😉


Sriracha Mayo
Plain, old Ketchup
Sweet and Sour
Half Rice
1 cup
Extra rice
Garlic rice


Go on, dig in. You deserve that chicken, fam.

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