Transportation Summit 2021

November 15th, 2021

The term pandemic and new normal has been introduced to the lives of everyone in the past two years. The connotation of these words has been normalized and sensationalized to the point wherein they lost most of their meaning. With different sectors facing momentous challenges and difficulties, the transportation sector is one of the most affected yet least trending among the major sectors.

The problems of the transportation sector have been one of the biggest talking points before the pandemic, and as we slowly open up our border and doors of our homes, it will again be one of the most significant issues yet to be solved.



The Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies – Transportation Science Society of the Philippines – Mapúa Student Chapter (EASTS-TSSP-MSC) invites everyone to join TRANSportation sumMIT 2021 (TRANSMIT 2021) — an annual transportation conference, with the theme “Pioneering Transport Safety System towards the Better Normal.” The event will be held virtually on November 20-21 and 28, 2021.

TRANSMIT 2021 aims to highlight the critical issues of the transportation industry in the Philippines. The conference will provide a platform for possible solutions to the country, raising awareness towards the impacts of the current global pandemic on transportation safety and promoting transportation studies to students from around the country.

TRANSMIT understands that today’s industry’s problems are not dependent on any single sector; it enables students, professionals, and academics to participate in being the solution. The conference will aim to become one of the biggest transportation events in 2021, with participants having a chance to not only make their voices be heard but win amazing prizes along the way.

November 20, 2021 / 10 AM – 5 PM / Student Competitions

November 21, 2021 / 10 AM – 5 PM / Colloquium

November 28, 2021 / 10 AM – 5 PM / Job Fair

For interested parties, you may book your tickets via and secure your spot in the biggest event of the season. Together, we can make tomorrow even better.

Admission Prices:

Students – P100.00

Professionals – P350.00

Mapúa Alumnus – P300.00


Debate (per Team) – P500.00

Transwhiz (per Team) – P500.00

Infographics Poster Making – P200.00

This event is made possible with the help of our official media partners: Mapua Radio Cardinal and Pop!


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