Remembering the pencil case and other school supplies we had to have

September 13th, 2021

Twitter user and TikTok creator @esnyrr reminded everyone about that pencil case after finally owning one of his own. You know the one… her: 

This tweet unlocked hidden core memories inside of people’s brains. It created a thread of people sharing old and familiar school gems that gave us all school supply envy. 

They see me rollin, they hatin. 

Oh, you won’t let me borrow these? Can you even name every color? 

When your pencil case is so boujee, she got levels. 

Who could ever forget the infamous phenomenon of kisses? What pencil cases were made for, duh! 

One pen to rule them all. 

One mistake is all it takes… 

School stationary has come a long way with so many designs and innovations. Having school supplies that spark joy tend to give you some extra motivation to get your work done. So, find what inspires you the most and don’t be shy because classes are still online anyways (nobody needs to know).  


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