This teacher took his class on a virtual field trip to the zoo

March 26th, 2021

The new normal has made teaching especially difficult, but this kindergarten teacher is helping his students bring back the charm of the old ways.

There are those teachers that take the extra mile for their students, one such example is this kindergarten teacher Mr. Talcott, aka @vividmichael on TikTok.

Recently, Mr. Talcott took his students on a virtual field trip to the zoo by bringing his laptop with him and letting the kids see the animals through the webcam. 

The voices of kids saying things like “this is a great trip” and “it was amazing” through the speaker would fill anyone with joy.

Other than a virtual field trip to the zoo, Mr. Talcott has thought of different ways to engage his students online. In his TikToks, he would take his students on virtual roller coaster rides, dance shows, stream science experiments and a lot more fun activities for the kids. 

@vividmichaelTaking 28 students on a ride.. lol.. 🤢🤮😳❤️❤️❤️ #rollercoaster #teacher #school

♬ A Moment Apart – Hannah Stater

“I want you to grow, continue to keep stretching your brain and never ever give up,” he said in an open message to all students on TikTok. “I want you to know that your teachers care about you, your families care, our community and our world cares about you. You are the future of the world and you matter.”

Mr. Talcott is a teacher who really cares about his students, and wants them to experience things they may be missing out on due to the new normal. We salute Mr. Talcott and all the teachers out there doing their best for their students in these rough times. With them, the younger generation is in safe hands.

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