Visa issues keep BREN Esports out of VCT Masters Berlin

September 07th, 2021

Filipino Valorant Esport fans nationwide were collectively devastated when it was announced that the country’s very own BREN Esports would not be competing in the VCT Masters in Berlin, Germany.  The team was unable to acquire the necessary VISAs that are needed to fly to Germany. 

The BREN Esports’ Valorant team had proven themselves to be at the top of Southeast Asia after dominating Singapore’s Paper Rex in their finals match to become overall champions in the region. Reaching the finals in the SEA region also gave them the chance to compete against the top teams all over the world in the most highly anticipated Valorant tournament – the VCT Masters in Berlin. It is worth noting that they are the first and only Pinoy team to qualify for the tournament.

On the afternoon of September 3, rumors started swirling around the internet, with people claiming that BREN was having trouble acquiring their VISAs for Germany. Filipino Esports fans desperately pleaded for help from the government or any kind of authority, as #BringBRENToBerlin and #BRENlin became the top trending topic on Twitter in the Philippines.  

Even BREN’s opponents supported the hashtag, waiting for the opportunity to play against the top PH team. 

Surprisingly, a politician caught wind of the situation. Senator Bam Aquino tried his best to help BREN in their case. 

Sadly, all that effort by BREN and the Filipino people was too late, as the deadline for acquiring VISAs was on the night of September 3. Having less than 24 hours to acquire a VISA is not enough for any normal situation, let alone for a team that comes from the Philippines. This country is considered high-risk by Germany as a result of the pandemic. Valorant Esport fans collectively sighed as the rumor became a reality

Dubstep, a member of the BREN team, shared his thoughts about the situation.

Despite the pain, we hope BREN and Philippine Esports can recover from this and learn from the mistakes made. This would also be a call to the Philippine government to improve their handling of the pandemic; because if the country weren’t high-risk, there would be no problem like this. But as Dubstep says:


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