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PDA-packed paparazzi photos confirm speculations on Olivia Rodrigo’s love life

What was just a talk of the town last week is now an official confirmation as Olivia Rodrigo seemed to confirm her relationship with producer Adam Faze with a smooch, as they strolled around Los Angeles over the weekend. 

Photos of the two surfaced online where they appeared to exchange stares and steamy kisses while leaning on a parked car, holding hands, and playfully cuddling up.

olivia rodrigo relationship pda



olivia rodrigo relationship pda


(Good 4 u, Olivia! No doubt this is PDA caught by an overeager paparazzi.)

Actress Stuart Brazell shared in an interview with E! News that the couple is “really cute, but not too overly touchy” when she first spotted them together at the Space Jam: A New Legacy premiere party.  

Looks like the actress needs to rethink her description of Olivia and Adam, as the new lovers that they are, barely left a gesture unticked off of our PDA checklist. 

@stuartbrazellEveryone was at the #spacejam2 party at #magicmountain #charlidamelio #lilhuddy #demilovato #spacejammovie♬ Bad Habits – Ed Sheeran

Neither the pop singer and director-producer has spoken about their relationship on social media, but others online seem to be concerned about how Olivia is freshly 18 and Adam is a whole adult at 24. 

As Olivia Rodrigo is technically an adult now, the age gap is not the issue here, but the fact that the two allegedly knew each other since the pop singer was 13 fueled people to speculate that this a case of child grooming.

(It’s brutal out *there*, right?)

While many still suspect that this will be another ‘love story turned tragic’ for Olivia and her new beau, others surely wish this is no ‘deja vu’ for the singer’s emotional life. 

Regardless, fans are now anticipating whether she’ll continue to do songs following the theme of her recently released heartbreak album SOUR or she’ll be ready to “branch out” to her next era as much as she appears very much in love.


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