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Tzuyu of TWICE drops a cover of Taylor Swift’s ‘Me’

TWICE member Tzuyu dropped a new cover of Taylor Swift’s song “Me”, featuring Bang Chan of Stray Kids.

In the music video released on Sunday, the K-pop idol began the cover wearing an all-white outfit and flaunted nude-toned theme outfits throughout the video.

The appearance of Bang Chan was not seen in the video, but the artist’s voice can be heard. Bang took over from Brendon Urie of Panic! At the Disco part in the original song.

Meanwhile, fans were delighted to watch and hear Tzuyu’s full english cover of the song. On Twitter, they talked about how the Korean artist slayed in this project.

“Good job, Tzuyu!! I can’t believe they haven’t given you this opportunity until now. So much talent and even more potential,” one of the fans tweeted.

Others also showed support and appreciation to Tzuyu.

“Can we all appreciate how Tzuyu’s confidence really came out in her melody project? Chan & Tzuyu’s vocals ain’t a joke. The whole cover is indeed a masterpiece! continue streaming ya’ll!” another commented.

The JYP entertainment released the surprise teaser last June 23 for Twice Tzuyu’s solo “Melody Project,” which is a first time for the idol to participate in it.

Many were surprised by Tzuyu’s honey vocals and visuals’ charm.  The hashtag #TZUYU_MELODY_PROJECT spot on Twitter’s trending topic as the video was released.


As of writing, the music video has surpassed more than three million views in just 12 hours.

“Me” is a track on Swift’s album “Lover,” which was released in August 2019.





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