Pandemic success story: Gianetto Pizzeria celebrates one-year anniversary

One year after launching a business amidst the pandemic, Gianetto Pizzeria hopes to put up a full-service restaurant

June 17th, 2021

Despite the global pandemic, a good number of inspiring success stories in business have emerged over the past year. Among them is Gianetto Pizzeria, a humble home-based pizza shop in Mandaluyong City that is now celebrating its one-year anniversary and headed toward bigger things.

Owned by Lesley Ngo and Jack Isanan, the idea for Gianetto Pizzeria started out during the ECQ lockdown when Jack, read an article on Facebook about a man who was able to put up a profitable barbecue stand business from a P2,000.00 government dole out. They were inspired by the man’s success story and began offering home-cooked meals within their condo neighborhood. Eventually, they shifted to offering homemade pizza, which Jack learned to make by attending classes on Italian pizza- and pasta-making back in 2016.

Gianetto Pizzeria

The initial stages of putting up Gianetto was not without its challenges. “It’s hard to set up a business during a pandemic due to the scarcity of ingredients.” Eventually, through research, they were able to source for suppliers to deliver ingredients to their place and began selling their pizzas to neighbors by June 2020. “We started to sell it via our online group later on and their initial response when they tried our pizzas were surprisingly good. They even compared the taste to a restaurant in Greenbelt,” Lesley said.

Gianetto Pizzeria

Customer feedback was a key factor in Gianetto’s success. “We value our customers that’s why we make it a point to really give them the best service they deserve–from ordering through our socials up to the delivery of products. We even ask for feedback so we know the areas we need to improve on.”

Of course, their handmade pizzas are the real stars of the show. The fresh, soft, chewy, and crunchy-at-the-edge pizza crust, which Jack makes fresh daily using high quality ingredients, is what makes Gianetto’s pizzas so unique. “It even gets yummier when you re-heat or eat it the next day, based on our customer’s feedback,” she says. Gianetto also offers unique pizza flavors such as Lesley’s Favorite, which uses premium mozzarella, longganisa, and kesong puti over Gianetto’s signature red sauce, and the Wasapeneen Buddy Roll-up Pizza, which incorporates taba ng talangka (crab fat), shrimp, roasted garlic, and basil.

As Gianetto Pizzeria celebrates its successful first year, Lesley and Jack aim to grow bigger in the coming months and cater to more customers all over Metro Manila. “We look forward to having a full-service restaurant and another branch hopefully, so our customers can taste and experience our pizza fresh from the oven,” says Lesley and Jack.

Gianetto Pizzeria pizzas can be ordered for delivery through the official website, via Facebook and Instagram @gianettoph, or through Grabfood. Gianetto Pizzeria pizzas are made fresh upon order and delivered through a preferred courier with an insulated box to keep pizza orders fresh and warm.


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