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This TikTok mom met the Backstreet Boys & was part of an iconic music video

June 09th, 2021

At some point, our lifelong dream was to meet our idols and get to hang out and take photos with them. Well, luckily for this TikTok mom, she not only met the Backstreet Boys but also had a cameo in their music video back in 1999. 

Devon Daniels, now 39, and the author of ‘Meet You in the Middle’, shared a TikTok video featuring behind the scenes of the iconic “I Want It That Way” music video.

Backstreet Boys TikTok mom

via Devon Daniels

She posted a TikTok last week about appearing in the music video when she was a teenager, with the aid of her kids. She said that her kids aren’t too fond of her 1999 cameo. “I’ve tried to explain to [my kids] over the years, and they have not cared. I’ve shown them the video, and they’re like, ‘Cool, mom, cool,'” Daniels said. 

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She then had an eight-part “story time” on TikTok where she spilled the details of how she ended up in the music video. Strangers from all around the world are commenting on her TikTok videos, claiming she fulfilled the ultimate teenage dream. 

Nick Carter even responded to her TikTok post.

The Backstreet Boys were only starting to chart and build a name for themselves in April 1999. Daniels had won tickets to the music video shoot in an empty airplane hangar near LAX through a call-in lottery at a Los Angeles radio station.

Daniels appears in the crowd of fans yelling behind the band. It was also at the 3:01 mark where the camera took focus on her as she screamed and reached out to the boys. 

Backstreet Boys TikTok mom

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But she had no idea that the “I Want It That Way” song and its accompanying music video would go on to become a breakout hit and establish the band’s status as a boy band.

“They were popular but … it was just before the true explosion, so I wasn’t even super familiar who the Backstreet Boys were. I knew the songs, but I didn’t necessarily know the band members,” said Daniels.

Backstreet Boys TikTok mom

via Devon Daniels

It was the equivalent of going viral in the late 90’s. “At the time it premiered, everyone knew about [the music video]. It was like being a celebrity and having 15 minutes of fame. We even put the video on in class.” 

She also shared that the guys were ‘so nice’ as Daniels and her best friend were able to go up and ask them for photos. “Our minds were blown. My face was in this video multiple times; that’s the coolest part,” she said. 

We honestly want it that way too, Devon.

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