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Albums of Bikini Bottom: Your favourite cartoon meets iconic tunes

April 26th, 2021

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In a beautiful mishmash of cartoons and alt rock comes an Instagram account that gives you the aquatic world of Spongebob Squarepants as album art.

Album art can often be pretty weird on its own right, especially for the genres of metal and alternative music. Sometimes they appear looking really abstract or downright strange – it’s probably really difficult to capture the vibe of an album just by making a graphic.

With that already difficult task in mind, metal fans Jon Oliver and Shawn Ramey thought why not make the art out of Spongebob screenshots? And that’s just what they did.

Thus Albums of Bikini Bottom was made back in 2019, a project by the duo where they recreate the album art with nothing more than spongebob stills. The creativity that goes into making these is pretty amazing.

With over 1,200 art edits so far (all of which you can find here) the page shows no sign of stopping. It’s crazy how passionate these two are about their work.

Though they started out with mostly metal album arts back in 2019, they have expanded their horizons and done art for genres varying from English rock, to emo, even to pop punk.

What do you think of these wonderfully creative crossovers? You can check out more of their work on their Instagram or their Facebook page. It really is a unique and interesting way to show your love for music and Spongebob at the same time.

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