5 desk workouts you can do while working from home

February 20th, 2021

When many of us shifted to working from home, we felt tired more than ever. There were less physical body movements after sitting for long hours and on some days, our bodies feel tight and sore. As work gets busier, we tend to slip into slouch-mode that causes more pains on our shoulders, hips and backs. It also decreases the blood flow on our body and may put our health at risk in the long run.

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Be it a simple stretch, or a quick meditation, taking some time to relax your mind and body would help us combat fatigue and feel less tired. And regardless how long, there are tons of simple desk workouts you can do regularly to make you feel more energized in the long run.

Tricep Dip

You can easily do this exercise from the comfort of your desk chair. Lay your palms flat on the chair and start by straightly lowering your body and bending your elbows. Make sure to keep your back as close to the chair to maintain correct posture.

Triceps Stretch

Every now and then, stretch your muscle arms to avoid cramps. Simply raise your one arm and bend so your hand touches the opposite shoulder blade. Use the other hand to pull the elbow towards you and then, hold for a minute.

Posture stretch (Back extensions and side bends)

Warm your shoulder muscles first by creating circular motions. You can also push them towards your spine to make it look like you’re letting your chest out.

To do crossarm stretch, place your arm over the other and pull it towards your body. Then, clasp your hands and place it the behind while pushing it downwards. After that, sit gently on the chair and place your right hand while holding the chair. Side bend your head by using your left hand and repeat the process to the other side.

Torso Twist

Twisting your body while sitting helps loosen and soften your back. Place your feet on the floor and twist your body towards the chair with shoulders parallel. Pause for a few seconds and inhale. Move your body back to the center, exhale and relax. Don’t forget to do the other side. When repeatedly done, this exercise can help relax your back, lessen back pains, and improve posture.

Hamstring Stretch

If you want to stretch those hamstrings and lengthen your muscles in between working hours, this exercise is right for you. Sit in the chair with both feet on the ground. Extend one leg outward and try to reach your toes using your hands and hold for a few seconds. Now, make sure to do both legs and if you can, gradually increase the stretching time. This workout is so easy, and it does wonders on the hamstrings, especially, after sitting for long hours.


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