This cabinet-like machine can kill 99.9% of harmful germs, viruses and bacteria

January 14th, 2021

MANILA, Philippines – Going out means taking the mandated safety precautions of using a face mask, face shield, and avoiding crowded situations. Disinfecting is also needed, with thorough handwashing, along with making sure that the items that you touch are also constantly sanitized.

Aside from always ensuring that high-touch surfaces at home are wiped clean, an added layer of protection would be to use the disinfecting power of UV rays to eliminate germs that can cause not only Covid-19 but also many other different diseases.

A UV sterilizer can provide peace of mind and safety, but there are several things you need to look for in order to ensure that you are getting the best one for your family. There are different types of UV sterilizers in the market today, ranging from portable handheld wands, to cabinet-style sterilizers, and even ones that are made to disinfect entire rooms. However, some types have already been cautioned for use because of safety issues and effectiveness.

What buyers need to look at when choosing their UV sterilizers include the wavelength and type of UV light that it emits, with UV-C light with a wavelength power of between 245 to 280 nm being the most effective in killing germs and viruses than UV-A or UV-B.

It also needs to have high reflexibility surfaces to bounce UV lights around an object being sterilized for a more effective and thorough sterilization. Safety features such as automatic shut-off are also a must, because exposure to UV-C light can be damaging to the eyes and the skin. Proven third-party test results from reputable scientific or medical organizations are also a good way to ensure that the sterilizing product is safe and effective.

Safe for the family

uPang, Korea’s Number 1 UV sterilizer brand is now available in the Philippines, to help you protect your family with its expert-approved technology. It has been proven to be safe even for sterilizing baby’s items by global health experts.

uPang UV sterilizer

The uPang brand, which was developed in 2008, is the best-selling UV sterilizer brand in the Korean market because it combines topnotch form and function design with effectivity in each unit. Its latest product, the uPang Plus+ LED UV Sterilizer now uses UV-LED technology that offers the maximum power of 270-280 nm to sterilize almost everything you can think of. Aside from baby items like feeding bottles, teethers, toys, and the like, it can also be used to sterilize daily essentials such as face masks, face shields, keys, cards, watches, eyeglasses, electronic gadgets like smartphones, small and hand-held household items like plates, cutleries, glasses and even make up paraphernalia.

uPang UV sterilizer

uPang UV sterilizer

The cabinet-like structure of the uPang Plus+ LED UV Sterilizer has 6 LEDs on top that rotate and 3 fixed UV LEDs which are strategically installed on the sides to ensure zero dead zones inside the unit. This means all nooks and crannies inside are sterilized evenly. The new uPang Plus LED is also now equipped with standby interior lights making sterilization a breeze even if it’s dark – no need to turn on lights even at night time. The new Turbo mode also gives an option to allot more time for drying wet items before proceeding with item sterilization.

uPang UV sterilizer

The uPang UV cabinet is scientifically-engineered with specially-processed 304 super mirror stainless steel interiors and coated glass doors to ensure high UV-C reflexibility. This ensures that 99.9% of harmful germs, viruses and bacteria like the Human Coronavirus, SARS-COV, Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, Salmonella Typhimurium and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa are effectively eliminated with each use.

Easy to use

The units use intuitive, user-friendly technology that cleans and sanitizes in just a touch of a button, minimizing the need to wipe each and every item down with disinfecting solution. Its double doors combined with voice assist and seamless dot matrix display, which shows remaining time and current operation status, make sterilization easy to monitor. It offers users versatile and waterless sterilization in five different modes:

* Auto (40mins): Commonly used for items that needs to be dried and sterilized such as baby bottles, dishes, cups, cutleries, etc. This function is a complete cycle that dries, sterilizes and ventilates for the removal of odor.

* Turbo (60 mins): Similar to Auto but with longer drying time.

* UV Sterilization (12mins): Function used when drying is not required. Usually used for sterilization of dry objects like mobile phones, masks, clothing, gadgets, remotes, watches, keys, toothbrush.

* Ventilation (10mins): A natural ventilation system that removes odor and bacteria.

* Storage Mode: Automatic sterilization of 2 mins every 3 hours.

These features, combined with the brand’s worldwide certifications, accreditations and reputation as Korea’s #1 UV sterilizer brand, makes it stand out versus other UV sterilizers in the market.

Sterilization is a process with results that cannot be seen with your eyes. That’s why it’s important to look for a brand that you can trust. uPang specializes in producing sterilizers which have certifications and tests from reputable sources, thereby showing the effectiveness and reliability of our product. uPang is accredited by the US FDA and is certified by health organizations from US, Europe, Australia, Japan and Korea.

For more information on how the uPang Plus+ LED UV Sterilizer can help you protect your family, visit Units are also available in Mothercare stores in the metro. Follow Instagram @upang_ph and Facebook uPang UV Sterilizers Philippines.



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