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Professor offers students extra credit for watching BTS music video

November 20th, 2020

K-pop certainly has many benefits for devoted fans—now, it includes possibly getting better grades.

A student in the United States revealed on Twitter yesterday, Nov. 19, that her professor offered their class a chance to get extra credit by watching a music video of supergroup BTS.

Twitter user estef (@scubydubyduu) shared a screenshot of her professor’s instructions, which said, “In honor of BTS’ new comeback (their release of new music/album), I will give anyone who watches the whole music video of ‘Life Goes On’ by BTS 5 points added to their lowest major grade.”

There were also specific criteria to get the points, such as watching from the channel of the group’s record label, Big Hit Labels, and sending proof that the video was viewed via email.

The video, which dropped today, Nov. 20, already has over 19 million views as of this writing.

The Twitter user said in replies to her post that she goes to Texas A&M University and that she is enrolled in a class that studies fandoms.

Some, however, criticized the move, calling the instructor “unprofessional” and “desperate.”

“We love her and think this is fun,” said the student, adding that they even read Star Wars fan fiction as part of the class.  /ra


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