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This Grade 6 student from Manila shares his online learning experience

October 28th, 2020

This #POPKids entry was submitted by Adam A. Carlos, who wanted to share his experiences in online learning. Submissions under POP! Kids appears “as is,” without any editorial intervention.


As a 6th grade student, my online experience has been interesting. What I like about my experience is that I have more time to talk to my family and call or message some friends. I get to do school work from home and I have time for self-care. I like that I kinda get to choose which school task I should work on first and which I could wait to do after.

What I don’t like about it is that I am in front of the screen all day. I like electronics, but learning has kept me from staring at a screen for hours. I also don’t like that I have more distractions at home.

This experience is different from being in a physical classroom because I socialize less now. In school, I get to hear the opinions and ideas of my friends and classmates. Some of my teachers would tell us to talk to the people around us about the lesson.

Now, not everyone’s online at the same time. I have hesitations, which prevents me from messaging some friends and some of my classmates. And if I did, they’d take a while to respond.

In the future, if I could choose, I’d like to do a bit of online learning and the rest in an actual classroom. Although it depends on the class. I’ve been able to complete my tasks at home since there isn’t anyone asking questions or reading the directions to stall me from beginning my work.

Photo credit: Adam Carlos/ POP! Kids

Online-learning poses a challenge to both teachers and students over technology and access. Online learning clearly revealed the existing serious problems plaguing Philippine society. This pandemic which forced classes to continue online is not the cause of inequality in learning access — it revealed the already existing inequality in learning between the rich and the poor. And when things go back to normal, we should not return to the way things were.

Hoping our leaders and politicians will stop fighting and arguing about whose best and not. I am praying that they will work together to find ways to improve the society we are living in and make sure that no child is truly left behind. And also I am praying hard for the revival of our faith and healing of our land.

Photo credit: Adam Carlos/ POP! Kids


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