15 Things we all want to achieve this 2018 after everything we’ve been through last year

1. This call for women empowerment:


2. Setting our priorities straight this new year.

Skin care is life y’all!


3. Trying to achieve both beauty and academic excellence.

Because why wish for one thing when you can try to have it all?!


4. To become better at things we’re bad at.


5. What we all want after everything 2017 gave us.


6. Cutting and avoiding toxic people in our lives this year like:


7. Going for the good things we deserve this year because life was so damn hard in 2017.


8. Marking 2018 as our “comeback” year. 



9. Leaving all them wrong and undeserving people in 2017.


10. And saying “Bye, Felicia” to all our failed attempts at landi last year.

Pero open na raw po ulit ‘yung registration for 2018. Hehe.


11. People finally knowing (and actually following) the escalator instructions!



12. Only good things (and good music) in 2018.


13. No more toxic things in 2018.


14. What every short people want and hope to achieve every year.

Tumalon ‘to nung New Year for sure!


15. This wish list that basically sums it all up.


Happy New Year, everyone!

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