Washing machines can now dress to impress

August 26th, 2020

The year 2020 has brought in all things weird and crazy, and it’s not quite done yet. In the UK, it’s now a thing to put on a dress on your washing machine.

Online retailers are now selling these washing machine dresses as ‘unique gifts for women.’ But people over the Internet have mixed feelings about it.

Please Santa, can I have a washing machine dress?https://t.co/ArKwa2f2cK via @Femail

— Polly Esther (@jarvissa) August 25, 2020

No on every level of no! 😱 https://t.co/xTi0pjFQ3P

— Hazeyfantazee! #FBPE (@slaveto5cats) August 24, 2020

You would think that since we’re in 2020, the designs of these dresses would be more modern and would fit well with the aesthetics of our times. But no, they look like they came from your grandma’s house, with its satin lace trimmings, floral patterns, beads, and an insane amount of chiffon.

It’s amazing to think that it only became a thing just now on that part of the world, since here in the Philippines, we’ve always had ‘dresses’ for all our appliances. Don’t deny it—at some point in your life, your house probably had a dress for your microwave, toaster, TV, or even your ref.

Accepting this very common fact among Filipino households, even our local online retailers are selling many different kinds of appliance dresses, and in all colors and styles, too.

Credit: Lazada PH


Credit: Shopee PH


Credit: Shopee PH

What could be the reason why we love putting dresses or covers on our appliances? The only obvious reason we could think of is because covers help prevent these appliances from getting old easily, and our forefathers, who grew up at a time when electrical appliances are expensive and are not usual in every household, taught us to take care of them really well.

So if we’ve been ingrained to always have dresses on our appliances, it might as well look pretty right? Well, how “pretty” looked like in the 1950s, to be exact.

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