SB19 lead vocalist Sejun receives the biggest compliment for his cover song

August 12th, 2020

For budding artists, there is no greater feeling than to get praise from the original artist of the song you just covered. This is what SB19’s lead vocalist Sejun got when he sang Paramore’s “Turn It Off,” and lead singer Hayley Williams commented that it was “ a stunning cover.”

The SB19’s rise to fame continues after the group’s dance practice went viral last year—but what’s even more admirable is to see the group stick to their Filipino roots despite its K-pop influence. The group consists of Josh, Sejun, Stell, Ken, and Justin.

John Paulo “Sejun” Nase recently shared a one-minute cover of Paramore’s single on Twitter while also thanking Williams for her music. The single “Turn it off” was from Paramore’s third album, Brand New Eyes, which was released in 2009.

He captioned it “alive in spite of me. thank you for your music @yelyahwilliams.”

Two days later, the lead singer took notice and retweeted Sejun’s post with the caption “This is a stunning cover. Thanks for sharing this with all of us. Your voice is beautiful and I loved hearing someone sing these words back to me today. Mighta needed it more than I care to admit.”

Sejun was more than thankful to receive the positive feedback from Williams and replied with “your music is healing, and it echoes.”

The amazing feedback from Williams is already an achievement by itself, but when you listen to the cover, it’s not hard to see why such high-level praise was given to the lead vocalist of SB19.

POP! Creator Community / Jose Rafael Santamaria

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