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POP Exclusive: Singapore-based artist Eve Alai shares the story behind his soaring new anthem ‘Pills and Potions’

July 31st, 2020

Singapore-based producer and songwriter Eve Alai teams up with Sri Lankan pop artist, Senara on the house-thumping banger “Pills and Potions,” released under the international record label, Umami Records.

Easily one of the finest bops released in the quarantine era, “Pills and Potions” takes the club into your home with its impeccable mix of effervescent beats and sparkly, dance-‘til-you-drop verses.Inquirer Pop got the chance to interview Eve Alai about his soaring new anthem, his early beginnings as a musician, and his musical process.

 What’s your story? How did you start?

I started off playing the guitar and moved onto production when I started writing originals. After COVID-19 happened I had some time away from my professional work that I used to focus on my own music. This is what evolved into Eve Alai. My friends say my sound is the sound of summer. I love parties, road trips with friends and most importantly, the beach. This is what I try to capture in my music.

What was the inspiration behind Pills and Potions?

I noticed that people love to dance to songs that address situations in love and life that are unfortunate. I wanted to create a vibe where people could embrace their sadness and dance at the same time!

What makes Pills and Potions special?

It’s unique in that it doesn’t follow house clichés such as four on the floor and has hip hop inspired rhythms when it comes to the drums along with unique drum samples that don’t fit the norm. It’s a combination of undeniable house grooves accompanied by sombre vocals which address the realities of relationships. I feel the combination of those two elements is what makes the song unique.

What’s your musical process like?

It’s different every time, but I try to find inspiration in small melodic fragments. I evolve these fragments in ways that reference each other melodically and rhythmically in order to build a whole song.

What’s your favourite part of the song?

The pre-chorus which contains the lyrics ‘I don’t need to take pills and potions’. I love that I was able to strike a balance between catchy while also having depth in that section of the song. I also like the unconventional song structure. I wanted to make it different. I was stuck on a basic pop song structure for weeks before I realised that I could skip the pre-chorus after the second verse and go right into another drop.

What are your life goals?

My only life goal was to see Coldplay. That checked out pretty early so right now I’m taking it a day at a time since I started from the top! Jokes aside, I want to connect with as many people as I can through my music. I want to push dance music forward in terms of how much depth it can have emotionally.

Any last words?

Dance to the song! Things get better, it’s always good to be aware of patterns in one’s life. I think that’s key to coming back stronger.

For streaming links, feel free to check it HERE.

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