BLACKPINK’s makeup for comeback: plagiarized?

June 26th, 2020

Just to be clear, it’s not the entire group’s “look” for the comeback that’s being claimed as plagiarized. It’s just one particular makeup on the group’s member Jennie.

UK-based makeup artist Nushafarin has posted on her instagram a photo of the eyelook she created last February with the caption “Pretty in pink.”

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Pretty in pink. I tik tok now if you haven’t heard 😀 @deciem serum foundation @depixym pink emulsion mixed with clear emulsion @hudabeauty lipstick ‘last night’ @makeuprevolution clear brow gel @lorealparis false lash sculpt mascara #avantgardemakeup #editorialmakeup #graphiceyeliner #eyelook #avantgarde #v93oo #modelmalay

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The distinctive face art, however, returns to her feed this June not for the purpose of showcasing it again but for calling out YG Entertainment and Maeng, the makeup artist of BLACKPINK, who Nushafarin claims has copied her design.

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Hi guys, just wanted to make an official post to address what recently happened. I firstly want to thank those of you who have been so supportive and kind through all of this. This includes BLINK. I’m sorry if I have not been able to reply to everyone’s lovely messages, but I want to take this chance to tell you how much I appreciate all the love and support I have been shown. I have not been able to sort the issue myself and have expressed my concerns in this post. To summarise, my work was clearly plagiarised and I wish to hold big companies and MUAs (@yg_ent_official, @iammaeng) accountable for when they mess up. I wanted to clear this up myself but have not had any luck. I would really appreciate if you continued the support you have been showing me! Lots of love ❤️

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In her June 22 post, Nushafarin said “We are all too familiar with bigger brands/businesses copying smaller brands and creators without permission or credit, and profiting off them.” She also expressed that “It is unacceptable when a BIG brand like YG pays an artist to recreate my work without reaching out to me and not giving me any credit.” She added, “I feel it’s important to speak up about plagiarism in the creative field and hold these companies accountable.”

It seems that there are some people who have called her out and told her that the “flame” makeup look is very common, but Nushafarin answered “Please find ONE ‘flame’ look like mine created before me. I have never claimed to be the creator of flame eye makeup, however, the eyelook I created is not like the other flame looks you may find. I was in fact inspired by blades, not flames. The look is unique because of the placement, under the eye, only on one eye, with a unique flick in the inner and outer corner.”

She also said “The eye look was not changed at all, it was kept pink and even the shading around the liner was replicated.”

Many fans are disappointed in YG Entertainment and Maeng and have expressed their support for the UK-based artist.

Nushafarin has since tried to get in contact with YG Entertainment, but the entertainment has yet to show any sign of being aware of the issue.

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