Reddit thread suggests that Tom and Jerry are actually friends

May 26th, 2020

What if everything you thought you knew about Tom and Jerry was a lie?

A Reddit thread recently discussed the idea that maybe the famous cat and mouse duo, known all over the world for their never-ending banter and rivalry, are actually friends.

Wait, what?


“Tom and Jerry are best friends. But Tom has to pretend to hate Jerry in order to protect (Jerry) so Tom’s owner doesn’t replace (Tom) with a cat that actually wants to kill Jerry,” the Redditor SomeDudeSteakSauces said in the thread.

Another Redditor, sad_emoji, also supported the claim: “Aren’t there a few episodes where they actually show that they are friends and do actually pretend to hate each other because of the owner?”

Even with our innocence ruined by this theory, the idea that the two are friends is actually not such a bad thought. We’d rather have (relative) peace than war, anytime.

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