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Online user pens poem for ‘the ones who are fighting and the ones who have fallen’

April 04th, 2020

This #POPCreators entry was submitted by Gianfranco U. Ubamos, who said that this poem was for “the ones who are fighting and the ones who have fallen.” Check it out!

When the Heroes Fall

The heroes have no guns
And now they have no homes.
No wives, husbands, nor children,
no fathers, and no moms.

The heroes are all tired
from skirmishes in the rooms.
Fighting for days, weeks, and months,
and often all alone.

The heroes are all dying
for trying to save your life,
for staying right beside you…
not knowing that you lied.

The heroes are also human
let me remind you of this thought.
And when the heroes fall,
the battle will be lost.

Perhaps ’til then,
My son, you will stay mute.
The plea for the heroes will be silent.
Those who safeguard them are few.
The care for them will be so little.
The promises untrue.

And only then, Yes! Only then,
I say to you…
All will see the truth –
That, when the heroes are dead and gone…
Then all will follow suit.

POP! Creators/ Gianfranco U. Ubamos


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