Google won’t release April Fool’s Day jokes today due to the coronavirus outbreak

April 01st, 2020

Trickery, practical jokes, and hoaxes – these are the things that make April 1st the “Day of Fools”. As many of you already know, this is the day when people of all ages prank their family and friends in the hopes of getting a good laugh. Some of the most common pranks that happen on this occasion are faking a pregnancy, pretending to get married or simply putting a plastic cockroach in someone else’s bag.

Other than the practical jokes, one of the most-awaited  April Fools’ Day pranks is from the multinational company, Google.  The company had its first attempt at an April Fool’s Day prank in the year 2000, wherein they featured the “MentalPlex hoax“. This ruse challenged users to project mentally an image they want to search, without moving their head. And when they click the MentalPlex circle, it will appear a funny “error message”.

via Google archive

This year, they decided to skip the annual tradition because the world is currently facing a global health crisis.

In an email sent by Google’s Marketing Chief Lorraine Twohill to the Business Insider, the company “respects those who are fighting the coronavirus pandemic,” as reported by the New York Post. For now, their top priority is to help people by giving accurate information only.

“Let’s save the jokes for next April, which will undoubtedly be a whole lot brighter than this one”, Twohill said.

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The company ensures that the centralized “April Fool’s” plans have already been canceled. They further urge other organizations not to share jokes that they may have scheduled in preparation for this day.

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