Pilot ‘panics’ to exit the plane as a ‘suspected COVID-19 passenger’ sneezes inside

March 26th, 2020

Different airlines across the world have decided to cancel and reschedule flights due to the travel restriction caused by the COVID-19 threat. This safety measure was imposed by authorities in an effort to slow down the spread of the infection. But not all airline companies have shut down their operations. In fact, last March 20, India’s most recent flight en route Pune-Delhi caused a commotion on-site when a passenger sitting in Row 1 reportedly began sneezing.

Because of this, the captain decided to park the aircraft at a remote bay to have the passengers checked for COVID-19 symptoms. The crew then escorted the suspected passengers to exit from the front door, while other “unaffected” passengers disembarked from the rear door.

However, not everyone took the sneeze in stride, as the pilot-in-command panicked and escaped from the vehicle through the cockpit (which has a sliding window).

As shown in the video posted by Twitter user (@CockpitChatter), the pilot gets off the plane using the secondary door using a “secure trestle”. The airlines’ management made it clear that the aviator exited from the secondary door due to the “close proximity of the seats from the cockpit.”

We are seeing all kind of weird situations these days.
– Air Asia India, both pilots exit the cockpit through the windows.
Cockpit door malfunction?…or to avoid passing through the passenger cabin? pic.twitter.com/ZB8UwRbQB0

— Capt. Ivan (@CockpitChatter) March 23, 2020

After screening the passengers, the result came out negative.

Rest assured, the management guaranteed that their crew is well-trained for COVID- 19-related cases and the entire plane was thoroughly sanitized and disinfected after the incident.

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