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Three Filipino babies allegedly named after ‘COVID’ are the iconic trio of 2020

March 23rd, 2020

They say aside from their unconditional love, our parents’ first gift to us from the moment we are born, is our name. Some parents follow certain traditions when naming their child; it could be after a beloved relative or named after the parents themselves, making the kid a “junior” which will soon be known as “Jun-jun” because that’s how things work in a Filipino household.

But the thing about Filipino parents, sometimes they also consider naming their children after a certain place, an important personality, or an event that took place while they were giving birth. Poor babies had to be born with “unique” names that were patterned from tropical storms, TV or movie characters, or in the case of these newborn babies this year, the coronavirus that has killed many and put us all under quarantine.

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused panic among many people across the globe, but for three Filipino moms, they found inspiration (for God knows what reason) to name their newborn baby after the said disease. First, it was a baby boy named “Covid Bryant”—which probably sum up two of the biggest disasters of the year so far—COVID-19 and Kobe Bryant’s tragic death.

Saw a message where one of the maid’s daughters gave birth last March 15 (start of the lockdown) & you’ll never guess what they named their NEWBORN CHILD…….


— niña cayosa (@ninacayosa) March 17, 2020

A filipino mom just named… her son… COVID BRYANT 💀

— ᴋᴀᴍꜱ (@sukunacult) March 17, 2020

Dear Covid Bryant,

if Twitter still exists in the future, just know that you went trending when you were born. You were up there with stars like Oprah (rumoured to be sex trafficking) and Vanessa Hudgens (who got high and said some things she shouldn't have said). You a legend.

— waRRior ☀️ (@ryderboyyiiee) March 18, 2020

Can't wait for Covid Bryant to turn 19 with all these lobo spelled out COVID @ 19

— #DuterteResign (@kemberleyyy) March 18, 2020

And if Covid Bryant wasn’t inappropriately witty or taunting enough for a name, a copy of a birth certificate bearing the names of baby “Covid Rose” and “Covidubidapdap” went viral online.

Whats happening Philippines? Covid Bryant tapos this? Coviduvidapdap?!

— Eveer (@Yamete_nija) March 20, 2020


1. Covid Bryant
2. Covid Rose
3. Coviduvidapdap

— 이거뭐야 (@r_ouven) March 20, 2020

Sultan Kudarat First District Representative Bai Rihan Sakaluran Mangudadatu even posted the news about Covid Rose to spread “good vibes”.

Pampa goodvibes naman🤣

Posted by Congresswoman Bai Rihan Mangudadatu Sakaluran on Thursday, March 19, 2020

Coviduvidapdap’s mom must’ve been an avid Wowowin fan and we understand that. But we’re seriously concerned about the future of this child. When he reached a certain age, are people going to start calling him “Kuya Will,” ask for paybtawsan or a jacket? Is he going to sing a novelty song on every occasion? THERE ARE SO MANY QUESTIONS!

covid bryant is shAKINGGG

— ⍨ (@kierunosaur) March 20, 2020

If you're having a bad day, always remember that there is one kid out there named Coviduvidapdap. Koya wil

— Aerrol (@ewolll) March 20, 2020

After baby Coviduvidapdap became a hot topic online, some believe that the birth certificate was fake since it used an old NSO logo instead that of PSA. People also claim that it’s impossible to get a copy of an authenticated birth certificate a day after the child’s birth.

Diyos ko! Mas malala pa ito sa Covid Rose ng taga Sultan Kudarat. 😂😂😂First name: CoviduvidapdapMiddle name:…

Posted by Davao Skylines on Thursday, March 19, 2020

Covid Bryant, Covid Rose, and Coviduvidapdap are the iconic trio we never asked for but these baby names are surely a comic relief during these uncertain times. And when they decide to meet in a few years, it will surely be one hell of a reunion!

covid bryant, covid rose and coviduvidapdap meeting each other in a few years

— yelo (@aquinomuriel) March 20, 2020

Covid Bryant, Covid Rose and Coviduvidapdap meeting after the quarantine

— cassandra virus (@adlerhidaIgo) March 20, 2020

Although the birth certificates of the three babies have not been validated, Covid Bryant, Covid Rose, and Coviduvidapdap are now the iconic trio of 2020 and you can’t tell me otherwise!

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