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Students host ‘virtual graduation ceremony’ in Minecraft amid COVID-19 crisis

March 17th, 2020

With the rising COVID-19 fears, one would think that graduation parties would become impossible. And with schools on quarantine, many students tend to sit inside, binge-watch on Netflix, and spend time gaming to distract themselves.

Since the Japanese school year will end this month, someone came up with an idea of using these games to hold their graduation ceremony…in Minecraft. 


For pioneers, Minecraft is the best (digital) place to hold such ceremonies because it lets players invite their friends to their world and collaborate on amazing builds.

On a now-viral Twitter thread, @backyennew shared the virtual graduation his elementary-school son had built with his other friends. Yes, the ceremony wasn’t organized by any teachers but these creative students decided to take it upon themselves to somehow experience how it feels to walk onstage and receive a diploma. 


小学生が集まって自分たちで卒業式を始めた。 pic.twitter.com/qqk2XnmK6g

— 柏原周平 (@backyennew) March 14, 2020

When translated to English, the tweet says: “‘What are you doing?’ ‘Everyone decided to have a graduation ceremony.’ e? great. Elementary school students gathered and started their own graduation ceremony.”

On his other posts, he also attached some photos, showing what the “digital venue” looks like—and to be honest, the details are on point.

会場もすごくよく出来ている。 pic.twitter.com/HKjVCaOmOf

— 柏原周平 (@backyennew) March 14, 2020

Once again proving that even though things are difficult right now, there’s still plenty of heartwarming and even memorable events taking place around the world. If we all do our part to keep the virus in check and follow the beautiful example set out by these kids to always find brightness in the darkest of days. We won’t just get through these difficult times, we’ll come out stronger with happy memories shared with the people we love.


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