Photo Credit: Instagram.com/finleythespringer

Dog with ‘perfect’ curls becomes the internet’s newest #hairgoals

February 26th, 2020

Everyone knows that our hair can turn into an avenue for self-expression. Whether it’s curled, straightened, dyed, or trimmed, the way you style your hair can speak volumes about your personality. And oftentimes, we find ourselves endlessly searching the web for a way to change up our look and achieve #hairgoals. We even save photos of celebrities or influencers in our gallery so we can copy their style on our next salon visit.

This time around, however, it’s not a photo of a person that online users are saving… it’s an image of this Springer Spaniel with soft, lustrous locks.

Photo Credit: Instagram.com/finleythespringer

Named Finley–or “Finn” for short– by his UK-based owner Rebecca Munday, this three-year-old pooch is taking Instagram by storm with his (always) picture-ready hairstyle. As of this writing, the dog has garnered 14,000 followers on his account and continues to delight his fans with his envy-worthy hair.

One of Finn’s followers even commented, “Your hair is just to die for!😍” while a few others remarked how “handsome” the canine looked in many of his photos.

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Munday told Metro that her dog continuously receives positive remarks for his curly brown bob.

“People always compliment his hair and say he looks like a Rockstar, Finley loves the attention and additional fuss from people. He has been compared to Brian May from Queen and John Lennon,” she shared.

Munday also explained to the news website that she brushes the dog daily to get rid of tangles in his fur. This task, in addition to Finley’s grooming session every six months, helps maintain her pet’s silky, curly hair.

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Since being catapulted into Instagram fame, Finley has bagged some endorsement and partnership deals–making him a certified social media influencer.

But Finley hasn’t let his influencer status get to his head, he continues to exude his loving and caring personality through interactions with his owner.

“He is the most loving dog I could ever wish for and I am very lucky to have him. He is so well behaved and very much toy and treat motivated which is how I manage to get him to pose for the camera,” Munday affirmed in an interview.

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If you’re interested in seeing more of this “creator of hair envy”, you can like and follow him on Instagram at @finleythespringer.

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