Preparing business leaders equipped with competence for Industrial Revolution 4.0

February 19th, 2020

In continuance of College of Business Education’s annual event, Technological Institute of the Philippines- Quezon City once again administers this year’s Annual Business Conference with the theme, “Preparing Business Leaders Equipped with Competence for Industrial Revolution 4.0,” at T.I.P. Q.C. grounds, February 24 & 26, 2020.

This 2-day event presents various fun-filled educational activities which aims to unleash the potential of future leaders. With that being said, active participation of students is needed for events such as Junior High School and Senior High School Quiz Bee, Business Conference, Promotional Video contest, New Business Idea Exposition and Research Colloquium. This is spearheaded by C.B.E. Department Student Council with the help of different organizations like Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants, Junior Philippine Association of Management Accountants, Junior Marketing Association, Junior Management Executive Organization, and Logistics and Management Supply Association. 

The first day of event consists of battle of minds among students as they compete on Junior and Senior High School Quiz Bee. To add more excitement and thrill, Amazing Race will be part of the competition and lots of brain-wrecking challenges are also conducted. Also, business conference is conducted to inform students about the opportunities waiting for them once they enter the business world. It will be a brief discussion of various programs being offered in the C.B.E. Department to be led by selected guest speakers who will share their worthwhile experiences under these programs. 

On the other hand, the second day will also present more thrilling events composed of New Business Idea Exposition which will showcase the innovative ideas of these young people; Research Colloquium as a stepping stone and foundation of students towards more equipped business leaders and Promotional Video.


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