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This free ‘census sign’ for animals could save your pets’ lives during calamities

January 07th, 2020

From the Australia wildfires to the recent earthquakes experienced in our country, it seems like many of these natural calamities are becoming more prevalent and unpredictable.  So, in an effort to protect our safety and that of others, we must be prepared for anything and everything the universe might have in store for us. And some ways we can prepare for these fortuitous events are by assembling “go bags” for you and your loved ones and by notifying the proper authorities about your whereabouts.

However, it’s good to note that these preparations should not only be limited to human beings–it should also extend to our furry friends at home. Pet owners should be aware of the risks that a natural or man-made disaster might have on the lives of the animals in their homes. Given this, the volunteers of Fire Alert Metro Manila, in collaboration with the Animal Preparedness and Response on Incident Disaster Emergency (PRIDE), have prepared this short census form to be accomplished by pet owners and be placed on their residence. Doing this will allow volunteers and rescue officers to safely and securely retrieve your pets in case of an emergency.

Photo Credit: Juan Carlo Salanga via and Kittens Rescue PH (#SagipPusa)

In online user Juan Carlo Salanga’s post, he advises pet owners to print and hang this document on visible areas such as “gates, doorsteps or main entrances” of their houses.

“We just don’t save human lives. But also animals,” Salanga shared on the Cats and Rescue PH (#SagipPusa) Facebook group.

Photo Credit: Free-Photos via Pixabay

As fur parents, we’ve taken on the responsibility of caring for these creatures. So, let’s heed the advice of these rescue organizations and take the necessary steps in preparing them for whatever calamity or disaster that may happen in the near or late future.

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