Mom uses a cardboard cutout of herself to calm her child. Image: Twitter/@sato_nezi

WATCH: Mom’s life-size cardboard cutout calms down her baby

December 12th, 2019

It is always difficult to part with one’s child, especially at the earlier stages of his or her life. One couple in Japan thought of a way to alleviate their kid’s separation anxiety from them by placing a cardboard image of the mom within the kid’s vision.

The one-year-old boy apparently starts crying uncontrollably whenever his mother goes away, Sora News 24 reported today, Dec. 12.

The parents’ solution was to set up a cardboard cutout which looked like the child’s mom whenever she had to leave their home, as seen on the father’s Twitter account, @sanato_nezi, on Dec. 8.

The lifesize cutout had two variations one where she is standing up and the other where she is sitting down.



(つづく) pic.twitter.com/VOgy1619G0

— 佐藤ねじ🌲ブルーパドル (@sato_nezi) December 8, 2019

The couple experimented with the cutout on a follow-up video.

The mom left the apartment and placed the cutout near the kitchen, separated from the kid by a wooden baby fence. When the child glanced back and saw the cardboard mom, he continued watching a video without any fuss. The child also laughed and giggled while cardboard mom stood in the background.


このパネルは、ビッグダミー(スーパーとかにある巨大なパネル)など、販促物をつくってるリンクスさんにお願いして、「ビッグマミー」をつくってもらいました🙏https://t.co/zLfGDZpiPa pic.twitter.com/zp5qiyqoRq

— 佐藤ねじ🌲ブルーパドル (@sato_nezi) December 8, 2019

The father stated that they got the cutouts from a company that creates cardboard displays for shops and businesses, as per report.

The parents ordered a type of printout called the “Big Dummy,” the type of cardboard cutouts usually used in supermarkets, and dubbed their own life-size cutout “Big Mommy.” JB


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