The Newest Rising Star of South Korea, Lee Jin Hyuk is coming to Manila

December 03rd, 2019

The sun is going to shine brighter on December 14, 2019 as South Korea’s rising star, Lee Jin Hyuk, holds his first ever solo fan meeting in Manila.

The Produce X 101 graduate is expected to visit the Philippines soon for his Lee Jin Hyuk S.O.L 1st Solo Fan Meeting in Manila to be held at the New Frontier Theatre at 6:30 PM.

The star achieved newfound fame after joining MNET’s survival program, Produce X 101. He didn’t make it to the finish line but Lee Jin Hyuk nevertheless enjoys a more successful career nowadays. He was first known by his stage name “Wei” of KPOP boy group UP10TION until he decided to promote with his real name and eventually go solo.

Since July of 2019, Lee Jin Hyuk has been busy establishing his solo career. He opened his own instagram account and launched his very own lightstick. Earlier this month, he released his first solo album titled “S.O.L”.

Having begun his career as early as 2015, Lee Jin Hyuk certainly has proven himself many times over. But, he has more tricks to show and the world is ever ready to welcome him with bright smiles matching his own.

Ticket details for his fanmeet can be found below:

Let Lee Jin Hyuk’s bright smile lighten up your pre-holiday celebrations. Come join us at the Lee Jin Hyuk S.O.L 1st Solo Fan Meeting in Manila. Be there or be square!

The Lee Jin Hyuk S.O.L 1st Solo Fan Meeting in Manila is presented by Top Media and Ganada Company, and organized by CDM Entertainment.


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