The Flight of 119 Benildean – Lasallians Begin!

August 22nd, 2019

It’s that time of the year where every college welcomes a new batch of students that will be introduced to a whole new world filled with new experiences and a wider perspective about life. College is where students will meet other people from all walks of life. To fully welcome these new batch of students, each school holds a freshman orientation with their own respective theme and their own gigs. One particular school, however, does their freshmen orientation in an extraordinary manner.

De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde’s freshmen orientation is entitled “INTERAKTIV”. For INTERAKTIV 2019, the school’s theme is Aeronautics. The speedy process of life, particularly in education, seem to happen overnight so that small details have a tendency to be unnoticed during the younger years. Since the flight is up in the sky, the perspective somehow slows down as the view below has more coverage and a wider view is provided.

However, INTERAKTIV was not the original name for this event. It was originally called “Freshman Orientation”, or FOP, where freshmen, or frosh, were oriented in classrooms for an entire day. This type of orientation was not bad but then the organizers wanted to orient the frosh in a unique way. The now called INTERAKTIV was a way to change the usual style of orientations but it wasn’t like that until last year, during INTERAKTIV 2018, which focused on the most important information for the students while keeping it fun and as the name suggests, interactive through the implementation of the amazing race program. Since then INTERAKTIV has never failed to make a mark in the students’ hearts.

As the new batch of Benildean-Lasallians enter the new chapter of their lives, may they continue to soar to new heights and grasp life lessons that will help them mold as a better individual. May you do ordinary things extraordinary well!


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