The ‘kind of fat’ you need to maintain a good diet, according to nutritionists

May 30th, 2019

The way to every Filipino’s heart is through his or her stomach—and this claim is probably known by nearly everyone. Filipino parents raised their children to be accustomed to serving and eating rice, specifically white rice in their daily lives.

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Though white rice satisfies a majority of Filipinos, eating too much of it could lead to health risks like obesity and diabetes. Dr. Qi Sun stated on WebMD that “Eating rice could cause a sudden spike in blood sugar. Because white rice is rapidly converted to sugar, it could mean a person gets hungry sooner.”

So instead of indulging in your bowls of white rice every day, why don’t you just opt for a meal mixed with…avocado?

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Yes, this pear-shaped tropical fruit that you usually use for making guacamole can actually help you drop a few pounds.

Fox News reported that the Center for Nutrition Research at Illinois Institute of Technology conducted research to determine whether an avocado can aid weight loss. Volunteers have attested that adding avocado to their meals have immediately sufficed their hunger and felt full for a longer period of time. Further research has found out that avocados are good appetite regulators because each fruit contains 25 to 30 grams of good fat that slows down digestion to stabilize blood sugar levels.

Although nutritionists experts have already proven the benefits you’ll get from eating avocados, please be reminded that you are responsible for our own physical health. Therefore, you should eat accordingly to whatever amount of food that is good for your body./TV

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