Tourists can now experience the dreamlike world of ‘Spirited Away’ during the Nagasaki Festival in Japan

February 11th, 2019

Upon its initial release in 2001, Hayao Miyazaki’s “Spirited Away” captured the hearts and imaginations of people from all over the world–making it the highest-grossing animated film in Japan.

Known as one of Japan’s greatest animation directors, Miyazaki spent so much time and effort on this creation. From the mesmerizing visuals and music down to how the plot flows on a dream-logic, people can’t help but speak highly of Chihiro’s adventure in the spirit realm.

And for people who have always been fascinated by the animated film, a festival called Nagasaki Lantern Festival in Nagasaki City, Japan, let people experience the dreamlike world of “Spirited Away.”

During the festival, the city has been filled with red, hanging lanterns wherein tourists and locals can witness the film’s mystical world and overall color design.

In a video clip shared by a Twitter user @hitsuji_eat, the train is passing through the Nagasaki’s Meganebashi Bridge and Hama no Machi shopping arcade that looks exactly like the way to Yubaba’s Aburaya bathhouse.

反対側の景色もいいのです、途中からビルのガラスにランタンが反射して見えて幻想的 pic.twitter.com/ESbnhnILoT

— 羊食べる (@hitsuji_eat) February 4, 2019

The festival features more than 15,000 glowing lanterns within the Nagasaki’s Chinatown neighborhood–creating an amazing view as the lights reflect in the puddles of rivers and ponds.

The #Nagasaki Lantern #festival transforms the city into a colorful, "Spirited Away"-style wonderland for a couple of weeks every February. https://t.co/2Ba8GYNy5S#AllAboutJapan #Kyushu #DeeperJapan pic.twitter.com/m3ORg2ZsIJ

— All About Japan (@AllAbout_Japan) February 7, 2019

水たまりに映りこんだランタン綺麗#長崎ランタンフェスティバル pic.twitter.com/SWpI4A1XbJ

— 長崎市観光推進課 (@nagasakikanko) February 5, 2019


スケジュール何もしらない#長崎ご当地YouTuber😝#YouTube #ユーチューバー #長崎 pic.twitter.com/WWo972BlIt

— ダイゴTV🍊長崎YouTuber会会長 (@YouTubeDai5TV) February 5, 2019

If you want to try an out-of-this-world experience, the Nagasaki Lantern Festival will be going on until February 19, 2019.

via Tenor

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