Good Kid$ are back with another Groovy New Track just in time for the Valentine season

February 04th, 2019
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Fresh from the success of their debut single “Show Me (feat. TALA)” which has received 670,000 streams on Spotify for its first two months, the Good Kid$ are back with another groovy new track just in time for the Valentine season. Entitled “Sweeterman,” rapper Gaby Singson says “this song is about trying to get someone to be your boo. We wanted to make a lovey dovey song that people could vibe to in the season love.”

Furthermore, producer Bernie Margulies says “for the instrumental, I tried to tap into my experiences with love and with my girlfriend. The song is all about that old school 90s and early 2000s RnB groove, updated to a more modern sound. I also used audio of Manila traffic in the intro to create the sense of love in a bustling urban landscape.”
The smooth track definitely showcases the talents of the fast-rising rapper-producer duo, merging Singson’s romantic flow with Margulies’ head-bopping beats, and if anything, signifies they’re on their way to more well-received hits in the future.


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