Love letter written on an airplane barf bag prompts the internet to look for ‘Andrea’

January 11th, 2019

Love can make you do crazy things – like this 21-year-old student writing down her feelings for her crush on an airplane barf bag.


Last year, Reddit user u/ho_riene discovered a “confessional note” written on an airsickness bag while she was cleaning the aircraft. And just a few days ago, the anonymous user uploaded the picture to Reddit to know if “Andrea” succeeded in pursuing the love of her life.

Found this in the back pocket of a seat on an aircraft I was cleaning last year. Where ever you are, I hope it went well for you. from pics

The letter started with, “If you’re reading this, hello 🙂 My name is Andrea and I am incredibly bored. Right now this flight is going from Miami to DC. I’m 21.”

She also explained why she was on the plane at the time.

“So I bought the ticket last night at 4 am because I have a huge crush on my best friend. He’s flying from Boston to New Orleans and has a layover in DC. I actually live in DC and was gonna go up soon anyway so I thought why not, I’ll surprise him at the airport during his layover. I’m gonna tell him I have a crush on him.”

According to Andrea, she wouldn’t be seeing her best friend for months—so she was giving it a shot. 

“But see I’m going to Australia for a semester abroad in 4 days and I won’t see him for 5 months so it’s really the last chance I have.”

Before the letter ended, she had one wish for her reader. 

“Anyway, hope this has made your flight a little less boring. Do me a favor and do something crazy today like I am. Good luck whoever you are.”

Since it was posted, the love letter has received 50,000 engagements on Reddit and more than 1,000 comments, prompting everyone on the internet to do a social media hunt for Andrea.

Some even created the hashtag #findAndrea2019 to know what happened to her at the airport.

Although Andrea hasn’t shown up yet, we are all hoping that she got her happy ending!


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