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High school teacher gives students gifts they will never forget

January 08th, 2019

Being a teacher is one of the noblest and most rewarding jobs you can have today.

And most of us probably think that the teachers’ primary role is to educate students about academic lessons and proper behavior. But aside from that, a good teacher is considered a second parent to their pupils – someone who can genuinely love, guide, and treat them like their own children.

Oftentimes, students appreciate their teacher’s hard work and patience, by giving them thoughtful presents. But this time around, a teacher is giving her students gifts.

In the Holy Redeemer School of Cabuyao in Banlic, Cabuyao, teacher Roselyn Barcoma gave her students a more personalized gift this past holiday season.

Roselyn Barcoma 发布于 2019年1月6日周日


According to Barcoma’s Facebook post, she drew 27 self-portraits of her Grade 9 students under section “Descartes”. As a class adviser, this was her way of encouraging them to fulfill their potential.

“I wanted to give them something special. That way, they will be inspired to study harder,” Barcoma writes.

Photo credit: Instagram.com/roselyndrawings

It took Barcoma more than a month to complete these drawings but the results are undeniably great works of art that inspire people.

All-in-all, we commend teacher Roselyn for her artistic efforts in making the holiday season extra special for her students.

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