SM Bowling introduces the Booze Bowling Challenge

October 23rd, 2018
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Ready to strike up the fun? SM Bowling brings you a new kind of gaming experience through the Booze Bowling Challenge happening this October to November.

Get your game on and challenge your friends to a match like no other. Level-up your usual weeknight and bet against your friends with each strike, spare, and split!

Mechanics of the game is as follows:
• You hit a Strike (all pins down in just one frame): Get all of your friends to drink!
• You get a Spare (all remaining pins on second frame gets knocked down):
Choose one friend to drink
• You make an unlucky Gutter Ball (bowling ball doesn’t strike any pin and goes
into the gutter): You drink twice
• You missed knocking down the remaining pins on your 2nd frame: You drink
• When you’re faced with a Split (first frame leaves you with two or more non-
adjacent pins needed to knock down):
o Bet a number of drinks before you do your 2nd frame
o If you get a killer shot (all pins down), your friends drink your bet o If you fail to get the pins, you drink your bet

The Booze Bowling Challenge is available at all SM Bowling Centers nationwide until November 30, 2018. More surprises await guests as select branches host acoustic nights, and group bundles for everyone to enjoy.

For more information on events and offers, follow the official social media account @smbowlingcenter


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