This story about a mysterious ‘baby footprint’ at Balanga malls will keep you awake tonight

October 19th, 2018

Recently, a story about a “mysterious baby footprint” that roams around Balanga, Bataan malls circulated on Twitter. According to user @kyuriiie, this has been going on for years and every time store owners/staff would open their stalls, they would see a single footprint that seems to be roaming around the area.

okay so there's this fuckin mysterious baby footprint that has been roaming around balanga's malls (galleria, ocampo's, cpm, & vista mall)

this has been going on for years now, every morning na magbubukas sila ng stalls, may baby footprint na palipat lipat ng pwesto~~

— ninong kyu (@kyuriiie) October 16, 2018

The single footprint from the mysterious toddler sometimes even comes with mud, grease, or even worse, blood. According to him, the footprint transfers from one stall to another per night and travels to different malls in Balanga.

and isang footprint lang sya, as in isa lang, walang kapartner

minsan ang print ay putik, minsan grease, and worst, minsan blood wtf

and namimili sya ng stalls na iniiwanan ng foot print, one stall per night and palipat lipat ng mall

— ninong kyu (@kyuriiie) October 16, 2018

The plot thickens as it turns out that the baby footprints are sometimes accompanied by an adult footprint.

so apparently, as I gather information, i rather call them chismis, hindi lang pala baby footprint. IT'S FUCKIN FOOTPRINTS OF A BABY AND AN ADULT

pero confirmed daw na tig isa lang, like isang foot print lang ng baby and ng adult

— ninong kyu (@kyuriiie) October 16, 2018

tapos minsan daw hindi lang at night, during the day din daw like wala namang dumadaan or dumadaan na naka paa pero out of nowhere may lilitaw na footprint like wtf

— ninong kyu (@kyuriiie) October 16, 2018

And when people try to wipe the footprints off the floor, the other pair of footprint would appear.

and sometimes as they try to wipe it off or clean it, bigla daw lilitaw yung other pair ng footprint geeeeezzzz

— ninong kyu (@kyuriiie) October 16, 2018

Apparently, for some, seeing the mysterious footprint on their store means that the toddler decided to play on their area and that they will be blessed to have good sales for the day.


— ninong kyu (@kyuriiie) October 16, 2018

Others are sharing their own experience with the said mysterious footprint, saying that it happens from time to time.

eto pa mga kumare, basa tayo pic.twitter.com/5VQaIF7Dl7

— ninong kyu (@kyuriiie) October 16, 2018

@kyuriiie my sister is a supervisor sa vetafs for almost a decade now. Nakwento nya din na meron ding mga footprints ng bata dun, same cases, and matagal ng may ganung kwento. May mga costumer din minsan na nakakakita dun sa bata.

— RYRY 👑 (@ryanx2fer) October 17, 2018

One of her story (kinwento lang din sa kanya) may isang costumer na nagsalita daw "anung ginagawa mo jan?" Looking to an empty chair. May bata daw dun na nakaupo. Yung upo na yakap yung dalawang paa tapos nakadukdok sya sa tuhod nya. Creepy.

— RYRY 👑 (@ryanx2fer) October 18, 2018

Sa rob supermarket dati sa baby’s section gumapang pa. Nakwento sakin before nung nagwowork pa ako ron. Hanggang dingding ata if I’m not mistaken eh kakabukas pa lang ng store nun so imposible talaga na may makapasok at sanggol pa talaga. Footprints din.

— 🌙 (@kohiidesu) October 17, 2018

Sa ofc namin, that kind of thing happens from time to time. pic.twitter.com/ItbsPbdgS0

— Mark Estavillo (@mark_estavillo) October 17, 2018

One even pointed an eerie detail seen on the footprint.

Six fingers 😱

— HIV Diary (@hiv_diary) October 17, 2018

Hehe. I was waiting for someone to notice this.

— Mark Estavillo (@mark_estavillo) October 17, 2018

toes perhaps? 🙂

— 𝙣𝙖𝙧𝙪 🧸 (@indiewhizz) October 17, 2018

While many were really creeped out after reading the collective stories about the mysterious footprint, some couldn’t help but dismiss the claims and say that the footprints could have been from street children passing by the malls. But @kyuriiie countered that guards don’t allow street children to enter the mall and that it’s highly unlikely for anyone to go inside a mall barefoot and with such dirty feet.

ohhh and who tf will go to the mall barefoot with such dirty feet??

guards in vista mall don't allow street children to enter the mall anyway

— ninong kyu (@kyuriiie) October 16, 2018

All of us after reading this story:

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