Truth and Power

September 21st, 2018
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Truth reigned in so far as it includes power, so too, the opposite can be said. Given this, truth and power cannot be mutually exclusive. The production and distribution of truth have cemented its role in society as an authoritative force that allows for the functioning and mobilizing of its people. As each person is governed by their own beliefs and values, a society is governed by its own system of truths.

Where then do truth and society stand in this era of post-truth politics? How do we bring truth to power and power to truth?

The UP Philosophical Society would like to invite everyone to join us in our grand annual event, In Vino Veritas, a symposium which seeks to combine an animated discussion of the social and philosophical facets of topics such as Truth and Power. On September 21, from 6:30pm onwards, have a drink, discuss, and learn with us at the University Hotel, UP Diliman Campus.

This event is open for both UP and non-UP students and graduates!

Pre-register now to avail of the P160 ticket! Every ticket comes with free flowing cocktails and freebies to be announced in the following days!

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The University of the Philippines Philosophical Society or UP PhiloSoc is a non-partisan College of Social Sciences and Philosophy (CSSP)-based university-wide socio-academic organization. It is the oldest and the premier philosophical organization in the country and is arguably the oldest in the South East Asian region. True to its motto, “Unity amidst diversity,” in its 56 years of indomitable existence, it has produced alumni who excel not only in philosophy but also in other disciplines. These other disciplines include psychology, business, medicine and even public office.

Today, it continues to spread philosophy outside the four walls of the classroom through different socio-civic and academic activities such as lectures, symposia, philosophical discussions, annual blood drives and during our most recent anniversary week, a free eye check-up. Now on its 56th year, UP PhiloSoc will be ushering new breed of members that has risen from the obscurities of the past into the dynamism of its current line of members and leaders.

UP PhiloSoc has made and forever will make itself not only a haven for liberal philosophical learning but as a breeding ground for effective, critical and responsible leaders of society in whatever field they may be part of. 

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