WATCH: Farmers help out a rodent with a plant growing out of its back

August 15th, 2018

Most farmers would agree that it is normal to see rodents lurking around their crops. Oftentimes, they find these pests gnawing at the fruits of their labor.

Photo Credit: Giphy

In this case, an Indian farmer discovers a rodent with soya bean plant growing out of its back.

Screengrab from YouTube video

In the video below, farmer Datar Singh and his friends can be seen inspecting the rat’s exterior to see if a seedling did, indeed, grow from its back. To their surprise, the plant is firmly stemmed on the rodent’s posterior.

A number of people speculated that the soya seed must have germinated and grown in the animal’s open wound. Though it looked visibly painful for the rodent, Biology professor A Siddiqui tells Unilad that the animal suffered  “no brain damage.”

Since the video was uploaded, Singh and his peers have reportedly removed the plant from the animal’s back and the creature’s since been recovering from its injuries.



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