LOOK: The Fab 5 turn into ‘The Fabocados’ in this heartwarming comic strip

August 06th, 2018

Fans of Netflix’s Queer Eye know that the Fab 5 can do nothing short of amazing when it comes to transforming the lives of their clients.

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In light of the recent  #NationalAvocadoDay celebration, the Fab 5 extended their makeover services to an animated avocado who felt a little insecure about the “bruise in her peel.”

This is the story of “The Fabocados and the Magnificent Make-Better.”

(From top to bottom) Photo Credit: Facebook.com/Queer Eye Netflix, Twitter.com/Queer Eye

The tale begins with an introduction into the Fabocado’s new client, Ava. Much like past clients in the show, Ava was feeling self-conscious about her appearance.  

Photo Credit: Twitter.com/Queer Eye

When Bobby, Jonathan, Karamo, Antoni, and Tan found out about Ava’s story, they immediately looked for ways to allow her to realize the beauty in her imperfection.

Photo Credit: Twitter.com/Queer Eye

By the end of the story, Ava realizes that she is so much more than her insecurities — and this gives her the confidence to move forward in her life.

Photo Credit: Twitter.com/Queer Eye

It’s another job well done for the Fabocados! Now, you can read the full comic strip here:

Grab your tissues! #NationalAvocadoDay is here and the Fabocados are ready to werk! Ava Cado wants nothing more than to live boldly, but her bruise is holding her back. Luckily for her, the Fabocados are on their way to make her life shamazing! 🥑✨💚 pic.twitter.com/pVbeE4th7T

— Queer Eye (@QueerEye) July 31, 2018


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