This Filipino celebrity just asked for a custom graphic design for free

July 05th, 2018

It’s the 21st century and some people still don’t know the value of paying for an artist’s work regardless of how little the project is.

Jameson Blake, a local actor, did just that by calling out to designers who are willing to make him a banner. His payment? A shoutout.

Jameson Blake of Hashtag

His rationale for this is that he wasn’t asking for anything “mind blowing,” but only something “basic.”

The tweets have now been deleted by Blake, but netizens wouldn’t let this pass:

as long as people like jameson blake exists, people who think a mere “shout out” is enough compensation for labor, the creative industry of the country will always be belittled at best.

dont u dare call urself a creative nakakagigil ka

— Ellie (@elliemenohpy) July 5, 2018

Designers who tolerate people like Jameson Blake are the reason why our industry aren't much valued anymore. Just saying.

— Jian Genovana (@jiangenovana) July 5, 2018

“Negativity“ tlga?? Wow. Try to accept that what u did is a form of abuse & exploitation. Then sincerely apologize (which I doubt). U don’t even realize what u did is wrong.

Congratulations 🎉 mag t trend na ang hashtag jameson blake.

ps watch out for fans na pagtatanggol ka 😂 https://t.co/9VAoXSH6lP

— Auwin (@MutantOxford) July 5, 2018

And because this thing happened on social media, people had a field day granting his “creative” request:

Someone even poked fun at Blake’s unusual “payment” method:

New payment method of lazada.for reference please check this link: https://www.facebook.com/Clint.JP.Purto/posts/1925148034170549#saynotofreedesign #meme #glgraphics

Posted by GL graphics on Wednesday, July 4, 2018

However, someone did take on the Jameson Blake “Lucid Express” challenge, and here it is:

Here’s a pro-tip: Any work done by an artist is done with hard work, and unless they actually offer to do you one for free, you HAVE to pay for what you need.  It’s not that hard to understand. InqPOP!/Bea Constantino

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