This is how to avoid embarrassing yourself in front of your ‘fashionista’ friends

July 04th, 2018

We’ve all stumbled over difficult words but for some reason or another, the fashion world judges extra harshly. We’ve all felt that low key judging stare from our loving but snobby fashion friend when we mumble Margiela or Vetements because for some reason we’re already supposed to know how to pronounce them. While we’re in the midst of fashion week after fashion week, it’s hard for those of us who aren’t as deep into fashion to keep up. As so many of the biggest designers in fashion are from different countries, trying to pronounce names such as Proenza Schouler can prove quite challenging.

Luckily, i-D magazine has our back. With the help of some of fashion’s most accomplished models such as Liu Wen and Sigrid Agren, i-D presents a fun and creative way to teach you “how to speak your international fashion alphabet, from Azzedine Alaïa (AH’ZE’DEEN AH’LAI’AH) in Paris to Zegna (ZEN’YA) in Milan.”

How To Pronounce The Hardest Names In Fashion

InqPOP!/Vanessa Reventar


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