WATCH: 7 of the funniest ‘What the Fluff’ Challenge fails

July 02nd, 2018

The “What the Fluff” Challenge took social media by storm when netizens from all over the world shared their versions of the challenge online.

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While many videos uploaded showed success — meaning their pets looked dazed and confused after the “disappearing act” — there are a few videos online that were total fails. But just because it wasn’t a success doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy them all the same.

Here are some of the funniest “What the Fluff” challenge fails that’ll surely leave you LOL-ing through the day:

Well that didn’t go as planned… MY BROTHER TURNED INTO A DOG #WhatTheFluffChallenge pic.twitter.com/iF8NzBVAxZ

— Em Crum ✰ (@ecrummy) June 25, 2018

sooo we had to make our grandma do it💀💀😩😩😭😂😂😂😂 IM FREAKING DEDDDD LMFAO #WhatTheFluffChallenge pic.twitter.com/ngAdLpaL1D

— ᗰaaliaaaa✨🌸🌞 (@maaliaaaa) June 25, 2018

Once again we don’t have a 🐶 but we tried anyway 😂 #WhatTheFluffChallenge pic.twitter.com/L36xdaTZ5s

— Brenno Wavy 💶 (@toledo_kid23) June 24, 2018

Everyone keeps telling @TheeSethBledsoe and I to submit our #WhatTheFluffChallenge video to @TheEllenShow

Twitter do your thing pic.twitter.com/n0tJuA6eLK

— Mariah Bledsoe➵ (@RiahhB) June 28, 2018

#WhatTheFluffChallenge …. gone wrong. @gjlosack pic.twitter.com/7H93tbsv3I

— Lindsay Weakley (@lindsayfaithw) June 24, 2018

Dog Sheet Trick

'Tried to do the sheet trick with my dog and…' 😂😂Current Vibes

Posted by UNILAD on Tuesday, May 1, 2018


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