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Why you should go out and watch ‘Incredibles 2’ now

June 18th, 2018
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Aside from the kids and kids-at-heart who waited more than a decade for this film, we’ve listed down some of the reasons why you definitely shouldn’t miss ‘Incredibles 2.’

1.It puts women front and center.

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From the protagonist to the villain, this super film rids of itself of the archaic gender roles imposed upon superhero characters in the film. In Incredibles 2, we see how Elastigirl reminisces her life as a superhero before she got married, and how she becomes a role model to fellow superheroes from all over the world who were scared to unleash their potential. We also see how some characters, who we wouldn’t spoil for you, deals with a woman’s capabilities in such a big, male-dominated world.

2. It tackles being a stay-at-home dad.

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Sure, Mr. Incredibles felt jealous that his wife is now the superstar of the family, but it shed light in his role as a stay-at-home dad, too. From reading bedtime stories to Jack-Jack to teaching basic algebra to Dash, we see how Mr. Incredible never really saw hands-on fatherhood as something emasculating, but something he had to work hard on despite not having his wife around. He’s still the rock of the family, and even if he doesn’t get to be in front of cameras doing work, the film says that that doesn’t make him less of a superhero, or less of a man.

3. Jack-Jack. ‘Nuff said.

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In the first Incredibles, we weren’t given many cameos of Jack-Jack and his cuteness. In this sequel, however, his character developed along with his powers, and we see how he plays a significant role as a superhero in the family. The movie gives us about four-minutes of pure laughter in some scenes, proving to its audience that this baby was not just created for kid viewers.  Plus, the moms, dads, and big sisters and brothers out there will definitely relate to how frustrating and yet fulfilling it is to have a toddler in the house!

4. We see the characters behind the masks.

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Unlike most superhero flicks, Incredibles 2 made sure to humanize the superheroes through human problems, human interactions, and human solutions. From Violet going through her first date, to realistic marital interactions, to a baby’s attachment to his mom, the film reminds us that the foundation of their successful superhero group is a loving and humane family who want to do good. We are reminded that behind Mr. and Mrs. Incredibles are citizens named Bob and Helen, giving the audience a chance to sympathize with the characters.

5. It leaves viewers with a moral question

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The conflict of the film was definitely not just based on a misplaced idolization of a fan, but on the moral issue of institutions and powerful people being able to create and control big decisions and changes. To what extent are superheroes worthy of their powers? Who gets to be a superhero and who stays at home? The film gives us a nuanced answer to this (and a three-dimensional villain, too) while leaving us entertained.

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