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June 13th, 2018

Are you tired of ad after ad from fashion influencers paid to talk about the newest release by so and so brand? Are their many hashtags clogging up your feed? Take a break from scrolling through sponsored content with these two not-so-typical fashion websites.

The Business of Fashion

Business of Fashion (BoF) was founded by fashion business advisor and entrepreneur Imran Amed which started as a passion project to “to fill the void for an informed, analytical and opinionated point of view on the fashion business.” Since 2007, BoF has been a resource for creatives, executives, and entrepreneurs across 200 countries with content provided by “savvy writers and fashion insiders in style capitals around the world, delivering fashion business intelligence on emerging designers, disruptive technologies and global brands that are making their mark on the industry at a time of unprecedented change.”

Unfortunately, to gain full access to all the articles, you have to be a BoF Professional member. As a basic member, you can have access to five articles a month as well as Fashion Week images, their careers page, the BoF 500 pages, and the Daily Digest newsletter.

Articles to check out:
What Should French Fashion Do With Its Unsold Clothing?
Cashing In on Asia’s Red Carpet Economy

The Fashion Law

The Fashion Law (TFL) is “an independent source of objective fashion law and business analysis” run by lawyer Julie Zerbo who also writes the “Law Review” column for Women’s Wear Daily. TFL is a rich resource on fashion news and on-going cases related to fashion. It also serves as a community for lawyers, executives, as well as students who are interested in joining the field of fashion. TFL publishes Daily Links, a handy list of important links to news items and articles of the day that point to other websites such as Vogue, The Cut, Forbes, and Bloomberg . Also, unlike BoF, access to TFL is free.

Articles to check out:
Burberry Slaps Target With Multi-Million Dollar Confecting Lawsuit
The New Fake Trade? Chinese Suppliers to Armani, McQueen, Burberry Selling Unbranded Copies

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